ACEs Learning Institute

ACEs Learning Institute "Hot Topics" Webinar

In this one-hour webinar Laura Porter and Melanie Gillespie explain why ACEs are powerful drivers of health. They will reveal new data about the proven practices for building resilience against ACEs.

Community Health Workers

Building a Community Health Worker Workforce in Washington State

This paper outlines the goals and rationales of developing a Community Health Worker (CHW) Workforce in Washington State, highlighting work plans, network development & infrastructure, and information from other states to provide a summary of paths and timelines for building a CHW workforce. 

Smoke Free Housing

No Smoking Resource Guide

Landlords play a vitally important role in the movement to provide safe and healthy housing. This No Smoking Resource Guide for Landlords with Section 8 Tenants discusses the benefits of going smoke-free and how to get started implementing a no-smoking policy.